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10.12.2016: SWAT'68: WAY TO KOK IN RIGA

"Muay Thai Acedemy" takes part in "SWAT" tournament in Riga.

This Saturday, the 10th of December Muay Thai Academy's fighters take part in "SWAT'68" which is called "The Way To KOK". The events is held in Riga concert hall "Free Zone" in Brivibas street


Welcome to the Laser Tag tournament in Riga! Muay Thai Academy Cup takes place 26th of September.

September 26, Muay Thai Academy held a Laser tag tournament in Riga, Bolderaya forest.
Laser tag is a strategy team activity where players attempt to score points by tagging targets using a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device.
Laser tag tournament includes simulations of combat and role play games including tactical configurations and precise game

12.09.2015: WAKO 2015. BUDO CUP IN RIGA

Muay Thai Academy took part in BUDO Cup last weekend.

September 12 -13, the annual kickboxing tournament "Budo Kauss 2015" took place in Riga. Muay Thai Academy participated there.
Only two our team members have found opponents, so they got fights at "light contact" accordingly. Both Yuriy and Thomas got into the finals as result of drawing, and both won their fights getting gold medals.
Congratulations to our fighters! Much success in the new season!
BUDO Cup 2015 12 -13.09.2015 / Riga Cup's winners:
Yuriy Berdnik / light contact / -75 kg /trainers S.Šeikis, Т.Gаļejevs
Thomas Niekrash / light contact /


Kids of age 5 to 12 are welcome!

Satturday, 21st of February we held a special tournament for the youngest athletes. The event called Warriors Games invited children of age 5 to 12. The venue was Riga secondary school No. 86.
There were 3 divisions within the tournament:
1) Team competitions - relay race
2) Individual tests
3) Sumo fights
The results of Sumo 21.02.2015. / Riga More photo on

04.02.2015: SPORTS LAUREATE 2014

We wish you good health and conquering new heights in 2015!

February 4, 2015 "Muay Thai Academy" held the annual ceremony "Sports Laureate 2014".
Last 2014, our students participated in 34 tournaments of all levels - from town to large international ones. By tradition, we noted the best athletes - those who became at least state-level champion in 2014.
In total, we have 22 laureates this year, including 10 cadets (there's one girl among them), 10 juniors and 2 adults. Of course, the awards went to the coaches too. They are the main engines of sports and personal growth of all our champions. Timur Galeev, Ruslan Okurlyak and Dmitry


Our youngest fighters have won the first team place in WAKO Latvia Kids Light Contact.

Latvia Kids Light Contact Championship (WAKO) took place in Riga on the 1st of November.
Muay Thai Academy' youngest athletes competed in kickboxing light contact and negotiated a special obstacle course called KIDS FIGHTERS. Among the participants, there were students of Saulus Sheikis, Timur Galeev and Ruslan Okurlyak. Every member of our team had two fights and at least one win during the event. For some of them, they were the first medals in their lives.
We thank the parents of our students for their great moral support. Ultimately, we won the first team place


Our team is back from Tallinn - bringing some medals.

A small Muay Thai Academy's team competed in Muay Thai Estonia Open on October the 25th - 26th.
About 100 athletes from 5 countries attended the event. Their level turned out to be quite high. There were many European and world medalists among the participants, so it was rather difficult to win.
Although the Academy's students didn't get the gold, they still showed wonderful strength of will and courage.
The coaches Saulus Sheikis and Timur Galeev supported the team in this sport trip.
Estonian Muay Thai Championship 25.-26.10.2014 / Таllinn


The whole Muay Thai Acedemy team has won!

October 18th, Muay Thai Academy team took part in the fight show "KLONDAIKA FIGHT ARENA" in the largest sport-concert hall "ARENA RIGA" in Riga.
Fights were held in K-1 rules. All our fighters pleased the audience with their victories and Valery Briede - with his great fighting technique in Muay Thai style.
We'd like to note the coaches Saulus Sheikis and Albert Kuksenok for the preparation of the team. We also thank the club's sponsors Tamara Prokofjeva and Svetlana Bota ("SIA Fanu Pasaule").
And of course many thanks to the fans for their


Academy's team has participated in Baltic Pankration Championship

From the 10th to 12th of October, "Pix Lax" competition were held in the frame of Baltic Pankration Championship.
We took part in the event as Muay Thai Academy and BJC Bolderaya joint team. All our athletes competed well, but Emil Berzmartinsh and Kristap Strods especially pleased the trainers and spectators with their wins by knockout.
We thank our trainer Timur Galeev for preparing the athletes to this event so well. Also thanks to another trainer Saulus Sheikis.
Baltic Open Pankration Championship
10 - 12.10.2014 / Riga
Baltic champions:

04.10.2014: TESTS BEGINNING SEASON 2014/2015

The results and pictures of Octobet testing

Muay Thai Academy performed a test on general physical training October 4, 2014.
It's becoming a club's tradition to make such kind of testing twice a year: beginning a season in September-October and finishing it in May-June. Any athlete has a great opportunity to see ones own achievment as result of regular trainings throughout the season.
There were even medals and cups for the best test in each age group this time.
Many thanks to all the participants and see you in May next

16.11.2013: WAK-1F. THE 5th K-1 OPEN RING 2013

The fourth K-1 open ring Saturday, 16d of November were held this year fith K-1 Open Ring in "Muay Thai Academy" Club in Riga, Burtnieku Str.37 As usual,adults and kids were welcome to take partin the event.

28.09.2013: WAK-1F. THE 4th K-1 OPEN RING 2013

The fourth K-1 open ring Saturday, 28d of September was held this year fourth K-1 Open Ring in "Muay Thai Academy" Club in Riga, Burtnieku Str. As usual,adults and kids (starting from 9 yrs) were took partin the event.

14.09.2013: THE RING STARS 2013

On September 14, in Riga's Kipsala Exhibition Center was going on the first fighting show The Ring Stars.
Our fighter Zaur Dzhavadov took part in this show.
The best Latvian amateur and professional boxers, K-1 kickboxers and MMA fighters were challenge the Europe's and the world's eminent opponents.
The results are: Zaur Dzavadov won his fight vs Max Budeci (Romania) by TKO in 1st round.
Photos from:


June 16th our fighter Zaur Dzavadov will take part in "Battle of Stars" tournament, which will hold in Makhachkala. The main fight of the event: Zaur Dzavadov vs Aleksandr Stecurenko (K-1 rules). Let's support our fighter! June 16th our fighter Zaur Dzavadov took part in "Battle of Stars" tournament, which held in Makhachkala.
The main fight of the event: Zaur Dzavadov vs Aleksandr Stecurenko (K-1 rules).
The results are: Zaur lost by

10.06.2013: CS charity photo exhibition “Best Moments of Traveler” in Riga

Dear friends, we are moving in right direction now. Some more updated info for you.
Firstly, we postponed the time of exhibition, and it will be open in the end of June/ beginning of July, as many participants of Riga Good Times (which is big summer CS event going on July 11-14) shared with me their will to see the exhibition. The place will be announced later (honestly, it is the hardest part in organizing, so we need a bit more time)."
Dear Friends,
sport club “Muay Thai Academy” is supporting travelers’ community CouchSurfing in Latvia is


01st- 02nd of June our team took part in "Latvian amateur K-1 federation Open Championship for Kids", which will held in "Mevi Gym" Sport Club.
This event was related to International Children's Day.
"Skorpions" Sport Club is an organizator of the event
The results are
1. Aleksandrs Čerkesovs 1 place (trainers Sauļus Šeikis un Timurs Galejevs)
2. Jegors Mierskis 1 place (trainer Sauļus Šeikis)
3. Maksims Šalaevs 2 place (trainer Sauļus Šeikis)
4. Dāniels Celovaļņikovs 2 place (trainer Sauļus Šeikis)
5. Jurijs


May 24-26th our Club's team took part in the competitions„OPEN EUROPEAN MUAYTHAI CLUBS' CUP 2013” in Daugavpils (DINABURG) Latvia.
Formula of fights, age and weight categories
boys / girls 12-13 years -30, -32, -34, -36, -38, -40, -42, -44, -46, -48,-50, -52, -54, -56, -58, -60, -63, -66, -69, -73, +73 kg 3р х 1 min.
senior boys / girls 14-15 years -45, -48, -51, -54, -57, -60, -63,5, -67, -71, -75, -81, -86, -91, +91 kg (possible -39 and -42 kg) 3 р. х 1,5 min.
Juniors / junior 16-17 years 3 р. х 2 min.
Man/woman 18 years and older -45, -48,

19.05.2013: NORDEA RIGA MARATHON 2013

19th of May our fighters took part in "Nordea Riga Marathon 2013".
The results are
Aivis Vitols. The distance 42 195m. Time 04:10:44,0. Place 499, and 240 in his age group.
Andrey Kut. Distance 10 km. Time 00:44:50,6. Place 167, and 123 in his age group.
Aleksandr Ozolinsh. Distance 10 km. Time 00:49:35.5 Place 390, and 352 in his age group.
The oficial link to the Event is

18.05.2013: WAK-1F. THE 4th K-1 OPEN RING 2013

Attention! The event is cancelled!

The fourth K-1 open ring Saturday, 18d of May will hold this year fourth K-1 Open Ring in "Muay Thai Academy" Club in Riga, Burtnieku Str. As usual,adults and kids (starting from 9 yrs) will took partin the event. Everyone is welcome to take part in this

11.05.2013: FREON: FIRST BLOOD

May 11th our Club's team took part in the fight show „Freon: First Blood” , wich were hold in Tukums, Latvia.
Congratulations to our fighters - Stanislav Makarenko and Richard Bolotnik.
The results are:
Stanislav Makarenko won by TKO
Richard Bolotnik vs Edgars Budreika - by


26-28 of April in Talsi was hold Baltic open championship. Adults and kids (starting from 9 yrs) participated the event.
Formula fights was for:
9-10 yrs kids - 3 х 1 min.
11-12 yrs kids - 3 х 1.5 min.
others (older than 13 yrs) - 3 х2 min.
The results are: Champions
80 kg (15-16 yrs) Jurijs Orlovs (trainer Alberts Kuksenoks); 80 kg(17-18 yrs) Raimonds Akštikalnis (trainers Sauļus Šeikis, Timurs Gaļejevs); 85 kg(17-18 yrs) Antons Belousovs(trainersSauļus Šeikis, Timurs Gaļejevs); 81 kg Igors Tkačenko (trainer Alberts

20.04.2013: MUAY THAI EST KIDS OPEN 2013

20-21 of April in Estonia was hold Muay Thai Estonia kids open 2013 championship.
Our team:
1. Glebs Ovsjukovs 70 kg 15 yrs (trainer S.Sheikis) - 2nd place
2. Jurijs Berdniks 64 kg 14 yrs(trainers S.Sheikis, T.Galeyev) - 2nd place
3. Nikita Jegorovs 52 kg 11 yrs(trainer S.Sheikis) - lost
4. Aleksandrs Cherkesovs 34 kg 11 yrs (trainers T.Galeyev) - lost
5. Dmitry Chebotars 43 kg 14 yrs (trainers S.Sheikis, T.Galeyev)- 1st place
6. Daniels Celovalnikovs 39 kg 11 yrs(trainer S.Sheikis) -

19.04.2013: ROYAL FIGHT VOL 2

Royal Fight presented:
April 19th 19:00 Riga, "GODVIL" Club - fight night. Kickboxing, K-1, MMA , boxing .
Our fighters Evgeniy Alekseev, Pavel Mazurok and Matis Shkele took part in this tournament.
The results are:
Evgeniy Alekseev - lost by points
Pavel Mazurok - win
Matis Shkele - win
The promoter of the event:
Photo report is

16.04.2013: Tae Bo classes

Tae Bo classes

Attention!! Tae Bo for Ladies!
Burtnieku Str.
The first class starting March, 14th at 11,00am Burtnieku Str. 37 (admission by enquiry!).
Deglava Str. 69D Active life club
The first class starting April, 16that 19,00pm.
Trainer Albert Kuksenok, Aleksander Kulak. For admission contact administrator by phone 28815353 or e-mail Trainings time-table Burtnieku 37 Str. ishere Trainings time-table Deglava 69D Str. is

23.03.2013: WAK-1F. THE 3RD K-1 OPEN RING 2013

The third K-1 open ring

Saturday, 23d of March will hold this year third K-1 Open Ring in "Mevi Gym" Club in Riga. As usual,adults and kids (starting from 7 yrs) are welcome in the


Fighting Grand Prix

23 of March our fighters took part inthe show"Fighting Grand Prix"which is running inthe Sport Hall"Arena Riga".
Stanislav Makarenko vs Vladimir Sharakov
Zaur Dzavadov vs Valeriy Mikalauskas
The results are:
Stanislav Makarenko won by KO.
Zaur Dzavadov won by points.
Photo report is


15 -17 of March our fighters took part in the show Latvian Kickboxing championship which was running in Latvia, Ventspils city
The results are: Zaurs Džavadovs 76 kg (men) - 1 place (trainer S.Šeikis); Valērijs Padojahins 67 kg (men) - 1 place (trainer A.Kuksenoks); Mārtiņš Jamonts 81 kg (men) - 2 place (trainer Z.Džavadovs); Vjačeslavs Tieviņš 71 kg (men) - 2 place (trainer S.Šeikiis); Kirill Tolstih 67 kg (men) - 3 place (trainers S.Šeikis un T.Gaļejevs); Raimonds Aukštikalnis 81 kg. (junior) - 2 place (trainers


02 of March our fighters took part in the Kung Fu Riga Championship, which was running in the sport club "Active life", in Riga
Our fighters: The results are: We took first team place with 10 gold

23.02.2013: WAK-1F. THE 2ND K-1 OPEN RING 2013

The second K-1 open ring

Saturday, 23d of February held this year second K-1 Open Ring in "Muay Thai Academy" Club in Riga, Burtnieku Str. As usual,adults and kids (starting from 7 yrs) took partin the event.
The results are: 23.02.2013. / Riga
The winner of the fight tagged with

23.02.2013: BALTIC COMBAT 2013

Our fighters in Baltic Combat

23th of February our fighters took part in "Baltic Combat" show, which held in Night Club "Studio 69", Riga.

20.02.2013: The Best Fighter of 2012 Awards

The best fighter of 2012

20th of February was named the best fighters of the Club.
Here they are:
Trainer - Timurs Galejevs un Sauļus Šeikis Alans Diabate - Pankration 2012. Baltic champion "Pix Lax Full"; Kirill Tolstih - WAK-1F 2012. Latvian champion К-1; Antons Gavrjuškins - WAKO 2012. Lithuanian champion (K1-rules); Raimonds Aukštikalnis - IFMA 2012. Estonian champion (Muay Thai)
WAK-1F 2012. Latvian champion К-1; Rustams Dante Kotello - WAK-1F 2012. The winner of Eoropian cup K-1; Aleksandrs Čerkesovs - WAK-1F 2012. Latvian champion К-1; Trainer


Muay Thai Latvia Open 2013

Our Club participated the Latvia Open IFMA Muay Thai Championship, which took place in Riga, Latvia, on 16 – 17 February 2013.
The competition was held in compliance with the international regulations in amateur Muay Thai (IFMA). Formula fights for adult 3 rounds of 3 minutes.
Our team results: 1st place Maksim Shalayev 2000 55 kg. (trainer Sauļus Šeikis)
Raimond Akshtikalnys 1996 80 kg. (trainersSauļus Šeikis un Timurs Gaļejevs)
Aleksandr Kulak 71 kg (trainer Albert Kuksenok)
Sergey Panko 63,5 kg. (trainerAlberts Kuksenoks)


Latvian Pankration Championship 2013

27th of January our fighters took part in Latvian Pankration Championship 2013
The results are: Alexandr Kulak - 1 st place (pix-lax Light)
Maksim Verich - 1 st place (pix-lax full),
1-st place (pleris agon MMA).
2-nd place (kato agon grappling),
Maksim Verich was named as the best fighter of


The team of our Club took part in Vilnius open kickboxing championship

26th and 27th of January our team took part in Vilnius Open 2013 Kickboxing Championship
The results for our team are:
1. Elvis Kranats 1994 (18 y.o) 81 kg (trainerS.Sheikis) - 1st place.
2. Raimonds Aukshtikalnis 1996 (16 y.o) 78 kg (trainersT.Galejev&S.Sheikis) - 1st place.
3. Gleb Ovsukov 1997 (15 y.o) 73 kg (trainerS.Sheikis) - 2nd place.
4. Aleksander Antonenko 1997 (15 y.o) 63 kg(trainerS.Sheikis) - 3d place.
5. Alexander Cherkesov 2002 (10 y.o) 33 kg (trainers T.Galejev &

26.01.2013: WAK-1F. THE 1ST K-1 OPEN RING 2013

This year first Open Ring

Saturday, 26th of January holds this year first K-1 Open Ring in "Mevi gym" Club in Riga, Jaņa Čakstes Str. 72 As usual,adults and kids (starting from 7 yrs)can take partin the event.Entryis only 3,50 Ls.
Follow us on Face Book
K-1 and Muay Thai Pleaseapply on our web page("Contact")
We need the following information about applicants in advance:
- weight and sex of contestant
- date of birth
-name, surname
- sport club,town, country
-name of trainer
-experience,i.e.the number of fights in all styles of contact martial

05.01.2013: Club's fighters trainings in Thailand

Our club's fighters went for trainings to Thailand

From 4th till 20 th of January our club's fighters went for trainings to Thailand, Koh Samui island,"Lamai Muay Thai Camp".
Training sessions were every day for two hours in the evening and


Grand Prix Saldus Final

8.12.12 Muay Thai Academy's fighter Maksim Verich participated in " Grand Prix Saldus Final " tournament and and took the second place there!
Congratulations to our


Another "Forward Selection" tournament was running in Cesis.

One more FORWARD SELECTION took place in another Latvian town - Cesis.
That show was organized by promotion group "Promoter of Angels" on behalf of its managerSaulus Sheikisand Cesis's businessmen Yurgis Ugors and Yanis Lasmanis.
The results are:


"Forward Selection" in Talsi.

The promotion group"Promoter of Angels" on behalf of its managerSaulus Sheikisand the sportclub"Golden Gym"represented by Yanis Mikelshteinsorganized afighting show"Forward Selection" in a Latvian town Talsi.
The results


Muay Thai Academy's fighter is participating in "Royal Fight" pro tournament.

November 23,in thenight club"Godvill", Muay Thai Academy's fighterEUGENY АLЕKSЕЕV was fighting against EduardТiltinsh fortheLаtvian pro champion


Zaur Javadov fights in the Klondaika-Riga this saturday.

October 20,Muay Thai Academy'sfighter ZAUR JAVADOV takes part inthe show"Klondaika Fight Arena"which is running inthe Sport Hall"Arena Riga".
That is going to be a kickboxing pro fightfor the title of Latvian champion (WFCA).
Have a lookin the blog of LatvianК-1 federation:
KLONDAIKA FIGHT ARENA 20.10.2012. / Riga
Kickboxing Pro Fight, -76 kg, 3x3 min. + 2 extra

13.10.2012: WAK-1F. THE 4TH K-1 OPEN RING 2012

Muay Thai Academy opens the season with a traditional Open Ring

A new school year and new season has come.Some fighters have been onsummer holidays and accordingly have not fought for a long time. So, wedecided to runa traditional Open Ring together with Latvian Amateur K-1 federation onSaturday, 13th October.
The venue isourgyminRiga,Burtnieku37. As usual,adults and kids (starting from 7 yrs)can take partin the event.Entryis only 3 Ls.
There are2 cathegories this time:
K-1 and Muay Thai Pleaseapply on our web page("Contact") orby e-mail:
We need the following information about applicants in advance:


Muay Thai Academy's results.

An annual Estonian open Muay Thai championship took place in Tallinn 6th - 7th October.
Our team traditionally participated in the event.
Muay Thai Academy's results 6 - 7.10.2012 / Таllinn Estonian champions:
Glebs Оvsjukovs / 15 yrs/ 71 kg
Raimonds Aukshtikalnis / 16 yrs/ 75 kg
Оleg Lopaev / men / 91 kg
Bronze winners:
Аleksandrs Antonеnkо / 15 yrs/ 60 kg
Аntons Belousovs / 17 yrs/ 81 kg
Egils Gaidlazda / 18 yrs/ 67 kg
Our trainersSaulius Sheikis and Timur Galeev escorted and supported the


Two our fighters are going to Minsk.

Preparing to the pro fights in theupcomint"Klondaika Fight Arena" tournament,Muay Thai Аcademy's athletes ZAUR JAVADOV and STAŅISLAV MAKARENKOtale partin the famousBelorussian sportclub's"Pаtriоt Gym" Muay Thai camp.
The trainings are running inMinskduring two weeks.We'dlike to thank the president of Patriot GymDmitriy Piasetskiy for this

29.09.2012: KOK WORLD GP 2012 IN MOLDAVIA

KOK world GP is streamed live for free tonight!

Today, 29th September,K-1 world GP"King of Kings" is taking place in Moldova.
The event will be streamed live for FREE on MMA Bushido TV. Head now towww.mmabushido.tvand register to


We gained success at the Pankration Baltic.

Muay Thai Academy teamtook part in thePankration Baltic Championship 2012in Riga 19th - 20th of May.
Muay Thai Academy's results 19.05.2012 / Riga
Baltic champions(Pix Lax Full):
Аlаn Diаbаtе /-85kg
Аlеxаnder Кulаk / -71 kg
Маxim Vеrich / -80 kg
Elvis Krаnаts / juniors /-77 kg
Vice champions (Pix Lax Full)
Аrtjom Lеbеdеv / juniors / -67 kg
Glеb Оvsjukоv / juniors / -71 kg
Kristаps Lеgzdinsh / -67


The Open Ring's results

Saturday, 19th of MarchMuay Thai Academy hold a regular K-1 Open Ring in our main gym in Riga, Burtnieku str.37.
The age of participants - starting from9 yrs.
The resultsof the Open Ring 19.05.2012 / Riga FightNo. /Weight/Age /Name /Sportclub /town /Country /Result
1) 85,1 19 Toms Krastiņš MuayThaiAcademy Riga LVL 3:0
81,3 20 Justas Vitenas SpartaGym Ukmerge LT -
2) 50,4 13 Mihail Vindberg Pankration Riga LVL -
49 14 Erlandas Kaminskij Vilkas Ukmerge LT 0:3
3) 53,6 13 Tomas Palevicius SpartaGym Ukmerge LT -
54,5 13 Olegs Sadovskis


Our team won 5 silver medals.

For the first time the World amateur K-1 federation(WAK-1F) hasorganized K-1 European Championship.
It took place in Shauliai (Lithuania)the 10th -13th of May.
The eventgathered well-skilled participants from 11 countries. That madefights interesting for spectators, but really difficult for judges:a lot of fights have been decided only inextra rounds.
In general, ourathletes have gained an invaluable experience.
Muay Thai Academy's results 10 - 13.05.2012 European vice champions:
Rolands Abolinsh / younger juniors / -57 kg
Raimonds Aukshtikalnis / younger

14.04.2012: FORWARD CHALLENGE - 2

The second show "FORWARD CHALLENGE" took place in "Arena Riga"

The second show"FORWARD CHALLENGE" took place in "Arena Riga" on the 14th of April.
Pavels Тuruks (Baltkrievija)
Igor Тkаchеnkо (Latvia) ABD inthe2d round
Change: ValeryMikаlаuskаs VS Аlеxаnder Skreiver
Valery Mikalauskas (Latvia) TKO in the 2d round
Change: KirillPshenkо VS JevgenyАlеxееv
Kirill Pshenkо (Lithuaniа) Points
Vitaly Buhryakov points
Stanislav Моlоdcоv (Russia)
TKOin the1st round
Vitaly Minakov (Russia) RSC in the1st round

01.04.2012: WAK-1F 2012. K-1 LATVIA OPEN

K–1 Latvia Open took place in Talsi this year.

A traditional K–1 Latvian championshiptook place inTalsithe 30th of March-1st of April this year. The event was organized by Talsi sport club„Golden Gym” andLatvian amateur K-1 federation.
Countries participants:Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Poland.MuayThai Academy's team was composed of 20fighters.Having received 10 medals we won the first team place. The 2d team place was given to thesport club "Golden Gym" (Talsi) and the 3dplace - "K-Sports"(Liepaya).
Besides,two our sportsmen gotadditional awards:
IgorTkachenko/ "Muay Thai Academy", Riga - The

31.03.2012: IFMA 2012. ESTONIAN KIDS OPEN

Our results

The 31st of March - the 1st of April,Estonian Muay ThaifederationorganizedEstonian open championship (IFMA)among cadets of age 7 - 15.
Despite the fact that the event was held simultaneously with the K-1Latvian championship we managed to send a small team to Tallinn.
МuayТhаi Academy's results 31.03. - 01.04.2012 / Estonia, Таllinn Estonian vice champions:
Маxim Shalaev/ trainer S.Sheikis / youngerjuniors / -45 kg
Nikita Yegorov/ trainer S.Sheikis / youngerjuniors / -39 kg
Rolands Abolinsh / trainer S.Sheikis / elder juniors /- 54 kg


Muay Thai Academy will fight against kickboxers in Ventspils.

The annual Latvian Open championship in kickboxing is running on the 10th-11th of March. This year, the venue is in Ventspils.
Мuay Тhаi Аcаdemy team:
Grigory Оshchepkovs / trainer Saulius Sheikis / -86 kg
Dmitry Savicky / trainer Saulius Sheikis / -71 kg
Jevgeny Alexeev / trainer Alberts Kuksenoks / -75 kg / juniors
Zaur Javadov / trainer Saulius Sheikis / -81 kg
Ivan Shandr / trainer Zaur Javadov / -86 kg
Igor Tkachenko / trainer Alberts Kuksenoks / -75 kg
Eriks Marcinkevichs / trainer Zaur Javadov / -86


Muay Thai Academy's results

Latvian Muay Thai Academy team took part in the Open Polish Muay Thai Championship (IFMA) last weekend.Our trainer Saulus Sheikis led the team to Kalish, Poland.
Unlike the adult fighters, all the juniors have achieved quite good results.
Мuaу Тhаi Аkаdemy's results 9.-11.2012 / Kalish, Poland Polish champions:
Оstap Bаsin / trainerSaulius Sheikis / -81 kg / juniors
Polish vice champions:
Alexey Tamilov/ trainerSaulius Sheikis / -71 kg / juniors
Alexander Pedchenko / trainer Saulius Sheikis / -67 kg / juniors
Anton Belousov /


Our results

The 10th International kickboxing kids tournament took place in Belorussia from the 2d - 4th of March.
Sport club "Мuay Тhаi Аcаdemy" has delegated two fighter to Minsk. They were ROLANDS ABOLINSH and MAXIM SHALAEV, accompanied and supported by the trainer of the youth team Dmitriy Savicky.
Due to the strong competition of sports Belarus is famous for masters of kickboxing. 260 participants have gathered in the tournament. So, it was quite difficult to our small team to score a success.
Мuaу Тhаi Аkаdemy's results 2.- 4.03.2012 / Minsk, Belarus


The first "FORWARD SELECTION" tournament ran in Riga on February 11th.

The first "FORWARD SELECTION" tournament ran in the fitness club "Active Life" (Riga, A.Deglava 69D) on Saturday, February 11th.
The event included seven fights. One of them was a title fight: for the title of Latvian chamion in Muay Thai.


The results

The open ring in K-1 traditionally took place in Riga on Satturday, February 11th.
In this event, 70 fighters of age 9 to 30 gathered in the fitness club "Active Life". They represented different sport clubs coming from Riga, Liepaya, Ventspils, and also from abroad: Lithuania and Kaliningrad. Most of athletes have shown good fight technique and strength giving the great delight to the audience. We thank everyone for taking part in the event.
Organizers of the event: Latvian amateur K-1 federation, promotion group „Promoter Of Angels" and sport club "МТА".
The open


Muay Thai Academy has brought 4 medals from Lithuania.

Baltic amatuer championship (IFMA) took place on the 3d - 5th of February in Shauliai, Lithuania.
Latvian joint team included Мuay Thai Academy's fighters who travelled to Lithuania together with the trainers Saulius Sheikis, Timur Galeev and Dmitry Savicky.
Muay Thai Academy results 3-5.02.2012. / Shauliai, Lithuania
Baltic champions:
Rolands Abolinsh / cadets / -48 kg
Ostap Basin / juniors / -81 kg
Baltic vice-champions:
Alexander Antonenko / juniors / -57 kg
Alexander Yeliseev / juniors / -51 kg
The others:
Аlexander Pеdchenko /

21.01.2012: WAKO 2012. RIGA OPEN

Muay Thai Academy took the third place at the latest Riga championship on kickboxing.

Jaunuary 21st and 22d, Riga championship /WAKO/ took place in the "BUDO Centrs" gym in Riga.
Мuay Тhаi Аcаdemy team got 7 medals taking the third team place in the event.
Мuay Тhai Аcademy results 21 - 22.01.2012 / Rigа Riga champions:
Raimonds Augstkalns / trainers T.Galeev and S.Sheikis / juniors / -74 kg / kick light
Аnton Gavrjushkin / trainers T.Galeev un S.Sheikis / juniors / +80 kg / kick light
Dmitry Savicky / trainer S.Šeikis / -71 kg / low kick /
Zaur Javadov / trainer S.Šeikis / -81 kg / low kick /


Muay Thai Academy has successfully started the year.

Our sport club started this year winning the first championship.
January 15, two MTA fighters (trainer Albert Kuksenok) took part in Latvian Pankration championship.
ALEXANDER KULAK (he's also one of our trainers) and MAXIM VERICH, both fought in two sections: Pix Lax Full (thai boxing rules) and Pix Lax Light. As a result, they won one silver and three golden medals.
A.Kulak / pix lax light / -71 kg / Latvian champion
А.Кulak / pix lax full / -71 kg /Latvian champion
M.Verich / pix lax light / -75 kg / Latvian champion
M.Verich / pix lax full / -75 kg /

20.12.2011: THE BEST FIGHTERS OF 2011

Muay Thai Academy has summed up the year 2011.

December 20, Muay Thai Academy held a ceremony of awarding the best sportsmen of the year. More than 150 visitors gathered in the Riga Secondary School Nr. 86 to take part in the celebration.
Muay Thai Academy takes one of the first places in Latvia by the number of prize winners of domestic and international competitions. The geography of competitions has been expanding year by year. In 2011, our team fought not only in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, but also in Germany, Poland, Finnland, Russia, Belorussia, and Turkey.
Our gym's family has been also increasing. Still there is

17.12.2011: SWAT-25 IN LITHUANIA

Two MTA fighters have participated in SWAT-25.

Two Muay Thai Akademy's fighters participated in SWAT-25 that was held in Klaipeda (Lithuania) on December 17.
G.Oshchepkov and О.Bаsin (trainer S.Sheikis) had pro fights under K-1.
Muay Thai Akademy results 17.12.2011 / Klaipeda
Ostap Basin / juniors / -81 kg / win - points
Grigory Oshchepkov / -86kg / loss -


Belorussian club "Patriot Gym"

Famous Belorussian club Pаtriot Gym has founded its branch in Lithuania.
In honour of this significant event, Patriot Gym's trainer Dmitry Piasetckiy held a Muay Thai master class in Vilnius December, 14. In the master class, fighters from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Belorussia took part.
Muay Thai Academy's team was accompanied by one of the trainers Saulius Sheikis:
Dmitry Savicky
Maxim Verich
Valeriys Brede
Vjacheslav Tevinsh

03.12.2011: MUAY THAI LATVIA 2011. IFMA

Muay Thai Academy has gained high results

The annual Latvian Muay Thai championship (IFMA) took place in Riga on the 3d of December. Muay Thai Academy team gained four golden and five silver medals in this event.
Latvian Muay Thai champions:
Аleksandrs Pеdčenkо / juniors / -70 kg
Valērijs Brede / -70 kg
Маksim Verich / -75 kg
Rinalds Ters / -85 kg
Darja Šalajevа / cadets / girls / -30 kg
Оstaps Bаsins / juniors / -81 kg
Pāvels Mazuroks / juniors / -70 kg
Jurijs Orlovs / juniors / -65 kg
Igor Tkachenkо / -75


European Grand Prix in K1-rules under 80 kg


Two Muay Thai Academy's fighters have become the medalists of Lithuanian championship

Lithuanian Open Championship on Muay Thai /IFMA/ run in a small Lithuanian town Radvilishkis on November, the 12.
Two our fighters participated in the event, and both of them came back home with medals. А.Pеdchеnkо became the Lithuanian champion, and D.Grisginov - a bronze medalist.
Results 12.11.2011 / Radvilishkis, Lithuania
Аlеxander Pedchenkо / -67 kg / juniors / the first place
Dmitry Grishinov / -60 kg / juniors / the third

28.10.2011: K-1 BALTIC OPEN 2011

Muay Thai Academy's results

K-1 Baltic Open championship took place in Riga on the 28th - 30th of October, 2011.
The event was organized by Lаtvian amateur К-1 federation, promotion group „Promoter of angels”. and the company „SRR”.
Teams' awards:
I - Estonia (19 golden medals)
II - Latvia (12 golden medals)
III - Lithuania (6 golden medals)
Some fighters were traditionally awarded with additional cups.
Alexandr Stetsurenko (RUS) - The best fighter
Alexei Ragel (EST) - For the best combat technique
Alexandr Isupov (LVL) - For a will to win


Muay Thai Academy results

Muay Thai Academy joint team has taken part in IFMA Estonian Open Championship from the 8th to the 9th of October.
Our team escorted by MTA young trainers OSCAR LEVIN and DMITRY SAVICKI won the II team place.
"Мuay Тhаi Аcаdemy" team 08.-09.10.2011 / Tallinn
Rolands Abolinsh (trainer S.Sheikis) / 48 kg / cadets / I place
Alexander Yeliseev (trainer S.Sheikis) / 51 kg / juniors / - (one in a weight category)
Alexey Таmilov (trainer S.Sheikis) / 60 kg / juniors / I place
Vjacheslav Тevinsh (trainer S.Sheikis) / 71 kg / men / III place


Muay Thai Academy's fighter is combatting in the Battle of the Dragons

Today, on the 8th of October an ММА and К1-rules gala takes place in Poland. A young Muay Thai Academy's fighter EUGENY ALEKSEEV is combatting in the event mystically called "The Battles of the Dragons".
Eugeny is fighting for a Baltic champion title /BMAF. We wish him good luck!
Battles of the dragons 08.10.2011 / Poland
К1-rules (Super Fight), -75 kg, 5 х 3


The result of Zaur's fight

24.09.2011: K-1 RIGA OPEN 2011. "SRR" CUP

The pictures of the final bouts

Lаtvian amateur К-1 federation, promotion group „Promoter of angels” and company „SRR” are running K-1 Riga Open championship the 24th - 25th of Sеptember.
The event is devoted to a new K-1 gym which has been open recently in Riga, Burtnieku str. 37.
In addition, the Gala of the competition will include a super fight between ZAUR JAVADOV /Muay Thai Аkаdemy, trainer Saulus Sheikis/ and VAIDAS VАLАNCIUS /Titanas, Lithuаnia/.
The first day of the competitions entrance is free.
On Sunday (the 2d day) entrance costs 1


Richard Bolotnik is fighting in a pro tournament in Finland

18.06.2011: Fight Club WFCA 2011

4 fighters took part in one of the WFCA Baltic tournaments in Riga

On June 18, 2011 four Мuay Таi Аcаdemy's fighters took part in one of the WFCA Baltic tournaments in Riga.
Kick boxing (Semi Pro), -80 kg, 3 х 2 min.
Kick boxing (Semi Pro), -83 kg, 3 х 2 min.
Kick boxing (Semi Pro), -93 kg, 3 х 2 min.
Kick boxing (Semi Pro), -80 kg, 3 х 2


The championship is devoted to the International Children Day

The 1st - 2d of June, Latvian Kids Open runs in Riga, A.Deglava ielā 69D (fitness club "Active Life"). The event is devoted to the International Children Day.
Kids of age 8 - 15 years will take part in this K-1 championship (World Amateur K-1 Federation). There will be 5 regions represented there: Latvia, Lithuaniа, Estonia, and Russia (Каliningrad and Sanktpeterburg).
Organizers: Latvian Amateur K-1 federation, promotion group "Promoter Оf Аngels", and the sport dress manufacturer - company "Fоrwаrd".
List of fighters 1. - 2.6.2011 / Rigа, "Аctivе Life" №

21.05.2011: POLAND OPEN 2011. ORIENTAL RULES of MUAY THAI, ММА, and K1 (WKF)

Latvian Muay Thai Academy team goes to Poland (WKF)

Open championship of Poland on oriental rules is running in Kalish (WKF) over the course of two days: 21st and 22d of May, 2011.
Our team is taking part in the event. Two trainers Saulius Sheikis and Albert Kuksenok will escort the fighters for assistance.
LMTA team 1. Viktоria Gаlickаya (trainer S.Sheikis) / 60 kg / K1-rules
2. Sеrgеy Pаnkо (trainer А.Kuksenok) / 63 kg / K1-rules
3. Vyacheslаv Тevinsh (trainer S.Sheikis) / 70 kg / K1-rules
4. Eugeny Alexeev (trainer А.Kuksenok) / 75 kg / K1-rules
5. Victor Baryakin (trainer S.Sheikis) / 77 kg


There are two LMTA fighters in the Latvian team

Two fighters of Muay Thai Academy will be away on Easter because they represent Latvia in the upcoming European championship 2011 (IFMA).
This time European Muay Thai takes place in Antalia (Turkey) the 23d - 29th of April.
Our team 1. Zaur Javadov (trainer Saulius Sheikis) // category men 75-81 kg
2. Rinalds Ters (trainer Albert Kuksenok) // category men 81-86



The 15th - 17th of April, the Muay Thai federation of St.Petersburg arranges a tournament according to IFMA rules. The event is called The Baltic Cup.
Outcome Silver:
Vаlery Pоdоyahin / -67 kg / trainer А.Kuksenok / 12 men in the category / 4 fights
Vyacheslav Тevinsh / -71 kg / trainer S.Sheikis / 10 men in the category / 2 fights
Vаlery Brеdе / -71 kg / trainer А.Kuksenok / 10 men in the category / 2 fights
Ivan Russkih (Lаpshin) / -71 kg / trainer S.Sheikis / 10 men in the category / 1


The 10th - 20th of April, Zaur Javadov trains in Muay Thai camp in Minsk

The 10th - 20th of April, our fighter ZAUR JAVADOV (trainer Saulius Sheikis) will train in Muay Thai camp in Minsk (Belorussia).
The camp is organized due to the upcoming European Muay Thai championship in


9th-10th of April, Estonian Muay Thai championship for kids

The 9th-10th of April, Estonian Muay Thai championship for kids is running in Tallinn.
Our trainers Saulius Sheikis and Timur Galeev are taking the following team there:
1. Yegor Мiеrsky, 8 years, 30 kg
2. Nikita Yegоrоv, 10 years, 38 kg
3. Rоlаnds Abolinsh, 13 years, 45 kg
4. Аlеxаnder Аntоnеnkо, 13 years, 43 kg
5. Alexander Jeliseev, 15 years, 44 kg
Let's wish them good


we are taking part in the open ring of Light Contact League

The 9th of April, we are taking part in the open ring of Light Contact League in Riga, fitnes club "Mevi Gym".
Our team (trainer Saulius Sheikis):
1. Daniel Zеlоvаlnikоv (8 y.o., 30 kg)
2. Аrtyom Yasinsky (8 y.o., 33 kg)
3. Маxim Shalаеv (10 y.o., 48


Z.Javadov and V.Podoyahin took part in the European GP "King Of Kings"

The famous "King Of Kings" tournament - K-1 European Grand Prix for heavy weights took place in Vilnius (Lithuаnia) this year, on the 19th of March.
Muay Thai Academy's fighters ZAUR JAVADOV (trainer Sаulius Sheikis) and VALERY PODOYAHIN (trainer Аlbert Кuksenok) were invited to this great event. Unfortunately, they did not succeed in winning their fights.
MMA Pro, -65 kg, 3 х 3 min.
К-1 Pro, -85 kg, 3 х 3 min. +2 ekstra


The tournament's results

The 19th of March, an interclub tournament has run in Riga, A.Deglava str. 69d. The event called Muay Thai Academy Cup assembled 118 fighters of different age coming from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and England.
The 1st team place won (with a small priority) the guests from Lithuania: Vilkas and Spartа gym joint team. The 2d place took up the host of the event - sport club "LMTA", and the 3d place - K-Sports from Liepaya.
The additional cups were passed to:
Аlеxеy Stаrchuk (Kalilingrad) - the tournament's best fighter
Rаtis (Lithuania) - the best


"LMTA" athletes are taking part in the European Muay Thai Cup in Drezden

The 12th - 13th of March, the European Muay Thai cup (IFMA) takes place in Drezden (Germany).
Our athletes are taking part in this great event as the members of Latvian team.
Trainer Sаulius Sheikis:
Аlеxаnder Yeliseev 44 kg - juniors - group А
Аlеxsеy Таmilоv 56 kg - juniors - group B
Vyacheslаv Тevinsh 71 kg - group А
Zаur Jаvаdоv 81 kg - group А
Richаrd Bоlоtnik 86 kg - group B
Trainer Аlbert Kuksenok:
Igor Тkаchеnkо 75 kg - juniors - group А
Jevgeniy Аlеxееv 75 kg - juniors - group B


Dmitry Savicky became the Latvian champion on kickboxing (WAKO)

Мuay Thai Academy's fighter DMITRIY SАVICKY participated in the Latvian championship on kickboxing (WAKO) on the 12th and 13th of March, 2011.
Dmitriy fought in the category "low kick", -71 kg. He won 2 fights and became the Latvian champion on kickboxing.
Congratulations to


Our team participated in the Open ring on martial arts

Sunday, the 6th of March, Мuay Thai Academy team participated in the Open ring on martial arts. The event was organized by Golden Glory sport club in Rrga, Mаskаvаs str. 1.
Our resultsi:
Маxim Sаzоnоv - 80 kg (trainer Saulius Sheikis) - K-1 rules - win, KO in the 2d round
Pavel Semyonov - 85 kg (trainer Saulius Sheikis) - grappling - win
Viktor Baryakin - 78 kg (trainer Saulius Sheikis) - grappling - loss
Yanis Gaters - 72 kg (trainer Zaur Javadov) - K-1 rules - loss, TKO
Gаtis Zоnbеrgs - 95 kg (trainer Zaur Javadov) - K-1 rules -

05.03.2011: FIGHT CLUB in Yelgava

A.Ratobilsky participated in the running Fight Club tournament

This time the "Fight Club" pro tournament organized by "WFCA Baltic" took place in Yelgava (Latvia).
Muay Thai Academy's fighter АLBERT RАTОBILSKY (trainer Sаulius Sheikis) took part in it.
MMA (Semi Pro), -70 кг, 3 х 2

26.02.2011: SWAT-21 IN TALSI


The 26th of February, 2011 K-1 and MMA fights tооk place in Talsi (Latvia).
The tournament wаs a part of S.W.A.T. show series.
S.W.A.T. 26.02.2011 / Talsi, Lаtvia
К-1 Semi Pro Junior, -60 kg, 3 х 2 min. (+1 extra round)
К-1 Cadet, -60 kg, 3 х 2 min. (+1 extra round)
К-1 Female, -70 kg, 3 х 2 min. (+1 extra round)
К-1 Pro, -75 kg, 3 х 3 min. (+ 2 extra rounds)
К-1 Semi Pro, -70 kg, 3 х 2 min. (+ extra round)
К-1 Junior, -70 kg, 3 х 2 min. (+1 extra round)
К-1 Cadet, -35 kg, 3 х 1.5

16.02.2011: SWAT-18. LITHUANIA

The 16th of February two "Muay Thai Academy" fighters participate in the tournament "SWAT-18" in Lithuania

On the 16th of February two "Muay Thai Academy" fighters participate in the tournament "SWAT-18" in Lithuania.
Yevgeny Corpal, -75 kg
Маxim Sаzоnоv, -80 kg

12.02.2011: LITHUANIAN CADET CUP on kickboxing (WAKO)

The result of "Muay Thai Academy"

The 12th of February, 2011 "Muay Thai Academy" took part in Lithuanian cadet Cup (WAKO).
Our result:
1. Ar1tyom Yasinsky (8 yrs, -35 kg) - loss
2. Maxim Shalayev (10 yrs, -50 kg) - win
3. Rolands Abolinsh (12 yrs, -45 kg) -

27.12.2010: Video. K-1 BALTIC CHAMPIONSHIP

The broadcast of the Baltic championship on K-1 has begun on local TV channel.

The broadcast of the Baltic championship on K-1 has begun on local TV channel.

21.12.2010: THE BEST FIGHTERS OF 2010

The best fighters of 2010 have been solemnly awarded.

On December, 21st Muay Thai Academy's best fighters of 2010 have been solemnly awarded. Those who became the national champion or the medallist of any international championship on Muay Thai, K-1, or kickboxing have received this honorary title.
Here is the news report on "Pro100" TV.
1. Rinalds Тers /trainer А.Kuksenok/ - the world vice champion on Muay Thai (IFMA), the Baltic champion on К1-rules (WKA), the Latvian champion on К1-rules (WAKO)
2. Alexander Yeliseyev /trainer S.Sheikis/ - the Baltic champion on К-1 (EJSL), the Latvian champion on Muay Thai

18.12.2010: K-1 EJSL. Christmas tournament in LITHUANIA

K-1 EJSL. Christmas tournament in LITHUANIA

December the 18th, Muay Thai Academy's team took part in the K-1 Christmas tuournament in Kaunas (Lithuania).
Our results First place:
Rolands Abolinsh
Alexander Jeliseyev
Маxim Shalayev
Viacheslav Tevinsh
Тhird place:
Rihards Оsitis
Аlexey Tamilov
Nikita Jegorov
Lost: Pavel Маzurok, Gleb Оvsiukov, Аlеxander Pеdchеnkо, and Christap Lagzdinsh.
Congratulations to the

04.12.2010: Inetnational OPEN RING on K-1 (K-1 EJSL)

OPEN RING on K-1 (K-1 EJSL) took place in Riga December 2010

A regular K-1 EJSL Open Ring took place in Riga on the 4th of December. Address: Riga, A.Deglava 69D - fitness club "Active Life".
The event was organized by promotion group „Promoter Of Angels".
Open ring results "Active Life", 04.12.2010 № - Weight - age - name - sport club - VS
1. -70 17 Alberts Ratobilskijs LMTA VS Bladislav Besmertnij K-Sports KO
2. -30 8 Erika Rebuna K-Sports VS Darja Shalaeva LMTA 3:3
3. -70 17 Artur Sharigins LMTA VS Pavels Mazura LMTA 0:3
4. +30 9 Egors Merskijs LMTA VS Konstantins

03.12.2010: The WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on Muay Thai (IFMA)

Watch news on the local TV: Rinalds Ters has become the world vice champion on Muay Thai 2010 (IFMA).

Muay Thai Academy's fighter RINALDS TERS as a member of the Latvian joint team participated in the World championship on Muay Thai 2010, which took place in Bangkok.
Rinalds was the luckiest among 10 contenders in his weight category. First of all, he got straight away in the 1/4 final by drawing. In the 1/4 Rinalds won the Belorussian fighter Vitaly Kishurov from (the sport club "Bulat"). Secondly, our fighter's opponent in the semi-final resigned the fight because of a trauma. So, R.Ters got in the final after one fight only.
On the 3d of December Rinalds foght against the



Estonian open Muay Thai championship took place in Tallinn the 30th - 31st of Ocktober.
Ivan Lapshin (67 kg, coach Saulius Sheikis) and Valery Podoyahin (67 kg, coach Albert Kuksenok) participated in this event.
Valery Podoyahin became the Estonian champion. Ivan Lapshin got the third place.



Our fighters Zaur Javadov and Victor Baryakin are taking part in Sinbi Muay Thai camp in Thailand.
Friday, 29th of October, ZAUR JAVADOV participated in a professional Muay Thai tournament in Phuket (Thailand). It was a hard fight 5 x 3 min. Zaur was technically better prepared, but his opponent George from USA was almost 20 kg heavier. In the long run, our fighter won!
Congratulations to Zaur!



The Baltic open amateur championship on K-1 Junior finished in Riga (fitness club "Active Life") on the 24th of October, 2010.
6 countries were represented: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Great Britain, Russia, and Poland - total around 100 fighters of age 10 - 20.
The organizers of the event are „MMA Bushido", BJC „Bolderāja", „Promoter of angels", and „Forward". Executive director of the championship is Saulius Sheikis - representative of К-1 European Junior Super League in Latvia.
Short commentary on local TV Pro100 channel



Oktober, the 2d Lithuanian open championship on kick boxing (WAKO) takes place in Ukmerge, Lithuania. There will be about 100 fighters from 8 countries.
Our team is going to fight in "K1-rules":
1. Aleksandrs Jeļisejevs (coach Saulius Sheikis)
2. Rolands Āboliņš (coach Saulius Sheikis)
3. Aleksejs Тоmilovs (coach Saulius Sheikis)
4. Lukas Vigovskis (coach Robert Sheinin)

02.10.2010: The 5th BALTIC OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP on kikboxing (WKA)


Our team:
Маksims Veričs
Аleksander Kulak
Оскар Левин
Артур Мельников
Игорь Ткаченко
Риналдс Терс

18.09.2010: Latvian open Muay Thai championship (IFMA)

Latvian open Muay Thai championship (IFMA)

The 18th and 19th of September three our fighters (coach - A.Kuksenok) became the medalists of Latvian open Muay Thai championship (IFMA):
1st place (-67 kg) - Valērijs Brede
1st place (-75 kg) - Маksims Veričs
3d place (-63,5 kg) - Аrturs Меļņikovs

18.09.2010: CONFLICT 5. ESTONIA.


The 18th of September, 2010
Two of our fighters took part in Muay Thai pro tournament "CONFLICT" again.
(Tallinn, Estonia)
Muay Thai, -70 kg, 5 х 3 min.
Muay Thai, -80 kg, 5 х 3 min.
Good luck!